eFormsPilot platform is a live software, for which we constantly release new features, system upgrades and updates, as well as bug fixes. Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter to get all the news as soon as they will come out.

Navigation View Updated to Fullscreen 

One of our newest improvements in UI brings a great looking fullscreen navigation, which adapts to your monitor size and screen resolution. Each window and section was re-designed to give that nice look and feel, so working in eFormsPilot web app is now better than ever.

More power for mobile app

We’ve released some big updates to our mobile app that add more power and flexibility for collecting data in the field. We’ve added multiple signatures support, which allows you to build complex forms and capture as many signatures as needed. Another improvement is horizontal layout of radio buttons, which is more visual appealing for inspectors and allows select answers up to three times faster!

Robust Submissions Management Platform

eFormsPilot is not only a data collection tool, it is also a powerful and robust platform that allows you to stay on top of your field operations. We’ve added a dedicated Submissions section, where you can see all submissions done by your field technicians in real time as well as pictures that they took or signatures captured. Our management portal allows you to set different statuses for submissions, send them to any email address or download as a pdf document.

Coming Soon:

  • Conditional Logic between form elements
  • Geo Location tagging and GPS coordinates
  • Calculable Fields and math operations
  • Interactive map that shows submissions in real time
  • UI improvements for Web and Mobile apps
  • Enhanced data exporting to csv
  • Stability and performance improvements