Form Builder for Transportation and Logistics Companies

It’s time to make a change and start saving your time and money. Discover how you can improve your daily operations by using the robust and innovative eFormsPilot tool. Upload your existing forms, build your own, use one of our pre-loaded forms, add necessary modules and see it appear on the mobile device in a blink of an eye. It’s that simple.

What Forms You can Build and Use with eFormsPilot?

eFormsPilot is a powerfull tool that was built for industries like Transportation and Logistics. We understand your current needs in forms submittal processes and have a solution for you.

Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection Forms

We can help you build and use Pre-Trip vehicle inspection forms as D.O.T. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations require. If you have an existing form as fillable PDF – simply upload it in eFormsPilot and it will be available for you and your teams in no time!

Post Trip Vehicle Inspection Forms

According to 49 CFR §396.11, drivers who carry passengers have to prepare vehicle inspection form daily, and submit it if a defect was discovered. eFormsPilot helps you eliminate paper and save you time and money.

General Vehicle Inspection Forms

Annual Vehicle Inspection Forms, General Inspection Forms, Equipment Inspection Forms – with eFormsPilot you can have any type or complexity form at your hands, on the device of your choice. It’s that simple, try it out and see yourself!

Vehicle Damage Report Forms

Life happens. Nobody is fully protected from car accidents, but you can prepare your business and have a required Damage Report Form in your eFormsPilot account ready. Upload an existing form or create a new one from scratch – everything is possible, try it free!

Complete Paperless Solution for your Business

More and more businesses are choosing paperless forms. Do you want to know why? Here are some of the major benefits:

 Businesses are:

  • Saving money on buying and storing paper forms 
  • Saving time, as each submitted form is available immediatelly
  • Saving on training, as our mobile apps are intuitive and simple
  • Managing the progress of each form in real-time on any device
  • Using forms and submissions management portal
  • Confident, as data is safe and secure at Amazon Cloud Infrastructure 
  • Happy, as we are here when they have questions or need help

 eFormsPilot Benefits

Each element in eFormsPilot can be added, edited and published to the form depending on the result required.

Form Progress

You can easily see the status of each form in real time, which is a fantastic option when you have multiple teams. All pictures taken, signatures, data collected – everything is ready for you anytime you need it.

Eliminate Paper

Forget paper! No more worries about lost, damaged, or wet paper forms. Now you can easily access all data directly in your eFormsPilot account.

Intuitive Selections

We designed big, self explanatory option buttons so you can make your selections easier than ever. Our drag-and-drop interface allows you to create a form super fast and without any technical knowledge required.


Everything is unlocked. No credit card needed.