Improve Your Data Collection Process

Companies have a lot of data coming from different sources, often collected by service teams in the field. It is critical to have it synced, organized and secured in one place for easy access, management and reporting. Discover how eFormsPilot helps  modern businesses improve their workflow.

Powerful Option Lists

Everything from checkboxes, radio buttons, text and photo capture, to voice input, signatures and time stamps. All of the options that your business needs are built in. Discover new possibilities today.

Work Without Connection

eFormsPilot mobile app works the same effective in areas that are completely offline as well as covered with cellular or wi-fi networks. Our native mobile app stores data safely and secure, so your teams can work without any interruption.

Forget About Paper

eFormsPilot will eliminate paper from your workflow. Replace traditional form-filling processes by converting your existing forms to our digital format and reduce your time investment by 80%!

Industrial Grade Safety

Be confident about your data’s location and security. eFormsPilot is built on the most advanced Cloud infrastructure, using the newest technologies available. No more stress about lost or damaged paper forms or waiting until they’re handed into the office.

Robust and Elegant Form Building Platform


Form building with eFormsPilot is simple and fast. Add an element by simply dragging and dropping to the desired place and re-arrange it to perfectly fit your needs.

 Advanced options like hidden fields, mandatory fields or even signature position – everything your business needs today is available in an easy to understand and intuitive interface.

Intelligent and Intuitive Submissions Management


eFormsPilot allows you to access every submission in one place – the Submissions section. There you can filter submissions by form, user, or date. Then simply download the filtered results to your computer as you need them.

Our intelligent submissions management brings more insight and  helps power your daily operations.

Built For

We know what type of forms your industry needs, and we have the best tool available to work with them. Our industry specific templates will save you lots of time and money, but the best thing is that you can upload your form to eFormsPilot and start using it right away!

AWS Cloud Infrastructure

eFormsPilot operates on AWS Cloud servers which is the most trusted cloud solution worldwide today. There is no chance of losing your data like you might storing it locally. Robust solution for applications that take security and privacy seriously.


Each business needs analytics, and we have it too. You can see in real time which forms are being used, when and by who, also their status, and progress the same second your team submits it.


eFormsPilot is really fast thanks to the newst technology solutions which are implemented in the software. When it comes to collecting data on multiple mobile devices on different platforms and sending it back to the office – eFormsPilot does it in the blink of an eye.

 eForms Benefits

Each element in eFormsPilot can be added, edited and published to the form depending on the result required.

Form Progress

You can easily see the status of each form in real time, which is a fantastic option when you have multiple teams. All pictures taken, signatures, data collected – everything is ready for you anytime you need it.

Eliminate Paper

Forget paper! No more worries about lost, damaged, or wet paper forms. Now you can easily access all data directly in your eFormsPilot account.

Intuitive Selections

We designed big, self explanatory option buttons so you can make your selections easier than ever. Our drag-and-drop interface allows you to create a form super fast and without any technical knowledge required.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have multiple departments in our company. Can I organize users by department?

Yes, eFormsPilot allows you to create user groups and assign users to one or more groups. Digital form access can also be controlled by a user group.

I have multiple companies. Do I have to create separate user accounts for each company?

No, a single user can be a part of many companies. The web and mobile applications allow for switching between companies.

I have a PDF file that is not fillable. What can I do?

Please contact our support team at and we will assist you in converting it to a fillable PDF.

Can I be notified when a form is submitted?

Yes, the form builder allows for setting email notifications for a form. Once the form is submitted, the recipients will receive an email with an attached PDF containing the submission details.

I have PDFs that my fieldworkers need to fill out. Can I use your software to have the PDF filled digitally?

Yes, the form builder allows for attaching a fillable PDF to a digital form. The PDF will be filled with the data from the form as long as the PDF field names match the form field names.

I have paper forms. Can you help us convert them to fillable PDFs?

Yes, please contact our support team at and we will work with you on getting them converted into PDFs so they can be filled with the digital forms.

I have a custom application that I would like to integrate with your service. Can I do it?

Yes, eFormsPilot supports web hooks. In the form builder you can specify a remote URL where the submission data in json format will be posted, allowing you to take an action upon submission.

My company address and the license does not change often. Can I have the fields pre-filled with the data?

Yes, the forms allow for setting a default value for a field. When submitting the form, the field will be prefilled with the default value. The form builder even allows for hiding the fields that have consistent data and do not have to be filled in every time, keeping the forms clean.

I often have to go places where there is no internet connection. Will I be able to use your service without internet connection?

Yes, the eFormsPilot mobile application works in offline mode as long as you are already logged in and have the forms downloaded to your mobile device. The submissions will be stored locally and submitted when internet connection becomes available again.


Everything is unlocked. No credit card needed.