eFormsPilot Debuts Platform that Improves Daily Form-Submittal Processes

eFormsPilot today announced the debut of its software-as-a-service platform which aids service industries with their form-submittal processes. The software’s simple and intuitive design allows users to upload, submit, and track forms in a fraction of the time it takes to process paper forms, increasing company operations efficiency and accuracy.

Gone are the days of service professionals in all types of industries being delayed by the tedious form-submittal process; eFormsPilot is a robust, cloud-based software built specifically to alleviate the cumbersome back-and-forth between inspectors and their supervisors. The platform’s dashboard allows users to navigate through recent activity and forms’ progress, ensuring all information is kept securely in one place and never lost.

“Many industries that use forms on a day-to-day basis are wasting time that could otherwise be utilized elsewhere,” said Daniel Acas, CEO of eFormsPilot. “Our world has become a digitally-focused one, and it’s time for those industries to adopt a simpler, more efficient approach to some of their more tedious manual data gathering tasks. That’s what eFormsPilot is here to accomplish.”

Companies in form-heavy industries, ranging from law firms to utility service providers, can take advantage of eFormsPilot’s easy-to-use design that saves time, eliminates paper usage, and increases service teams’ efficiency, productivity, and performance. eFormsPilot makes it simple for customers to upload existing PDF paper forms and convert them to digital documents. Users can also create and build blank forms with a variety of different variables and fields, or upload template forms that are used across certain industries (e.g., equipment inspection forms).

“In developing eFormsPilot, I saw the need for a product that can benefit many businesses by optimizing their workflow,” said Donatas Kairys, founder of eFormsPilot and president of Loadsys Solutions. “eFormsPilot is a valuable solution in maximizing productivity for companies who use paper forms in their daily routine.”

Additionally, eFormsPilot has a corresponding mobile app for both iOS and Android devices, which enables users to quickly access forms for fast and efficient turnaround. One of the app’s key differentiators is that users are able to utilize voice control to complete necessary fields and demands, saving time that would have been spent on constant scrolling and typing. Signatures can easily be executed using a built-in touchscreen on either the web or mobile app.